Autism Awareness Month

Tyler Crass with photos of Autistic artist Wil Kerner

Tyler Crass

Chief Operating Officer

April 27, 2022

April is a very special month for me personally. When I joined All StarZ Staffing & Consulting, Inc., in March of 2018, I don’t believe anyone could have told me that my life would change forever. Our owner and president, Debra Kerner introduced me to her son, William Kerner in October of 2018. And from that moment on, my life would never be the same.

Meeting an Artist with Autism

William has autism. He is mostly non-verbal, but has a robust spirit and an eye for art. His nickname is the “Cut Out Kid.” That’s right, he is an artistic savant! His mother used to tell me about his ability to cut out perfect circles with nothing but a pair of scissors. And at first I couldn’t believe it, until I saw it with my own two eyes.

Cut out art by Autistic artist Wil Kerner
Cut-out artwork by Autistic artist, Wil Kerner
Quote by Tyler Crass about Autism reading: "It was a magical moment that has changed my perspective on life for the better."
Cut-out artwork by Autistic artist, Wil Kerner

A Life Changing Friendship

It was shortly after that I found myself asking his mother if she minded me coming over and spending some time with William after work. I enjoyed watching him look at the world from different angles and bring his vision of our world to life through art. It was a magical moment that has changed my perspective on life for the better.

Our Mission is Personal

As a company it has always been important to us to embrace and celebrate our differences, and support our community. Autism Awareness Month is special to us here at All StarZ Staffing because many of us on staff have loved ones who are autistic. It’s more than a mission statement for us. It’s personal, and important to us.

Staff members at All StarZ Staffing holding support signs for World Autism Month

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