Managed Services

With over 20,000 managed services projects under our belt, our team at All StarZ Staffing can help your company staff and streamline your projects.

What is Managed Services?

Our Managed Services model is a different approach to staffing. It allows us to take on, and solve some of the common challenges our clients are facing. This model offers fixed price solutions for our clients’ individual projects, and eliminates daily hassles like figuring out how many temporary workers you need, dealing with timecards, and unpredictable labor costs. We manage the project from start to finish, and make sure the job is done right, and done on time. Our work is guaranteed, and the price is set before we begin.

Typical Managed Services projects include:

Managed Services Model
All Starz takes control of the project, and manages staffing needs
All Starz commits to project scope and term
Pricing is tied to service levels (often per units processed)
All StarZ manages the project to completion
All StarZ assumes all risks related to productivity
Total cost is determined before the project begins
Minimum quantities apply
Traditional Temporary Staffing Model
You request a set number of temporary workers
All StarZ commits to providing qualified temporary workers
Pricing is based on the number of worker hours
Client manages to the work
Client assumes productivity risk
Cost varies according to worker hours needed
Minimum hours apply per temporary associate