We’ll help you find great people.

Some of the largest and most demanding employers in the Puget Sound region trust All StarZ. Why? Because we consistently deliver dependable, quality people. As a locally-owned, locally-operated company, we know how to find good people even in a tight talent market.

Choose All StarZ when you need.

  • Immediate communication
  • Order fulfillment success
  • Reliable, dependable people
  • Increased efficiency and profitability
  • A partner who can adapt to your needs

Staffing services.


Our associates cover short-term gaps and enable you to keep up with variable workloads.


Try one of our associates at your location to evaluate their skills and work ethic before extending a job offer.

Per-unit pricing.

All StarZ has a 13-year track record of success offering clients guaranteed, fixed pricing. We manage manufacturing, general production, cross-doc, pick-and-pack, or value-added processing. A fixed price is established right up front so the exact cost of the project is known. All StarZ consistently helps reduce labor costs and increases productivity.

Direct hire.

Our unique recruitment process provides access to tough-to-find key professionals. You choose from only the most highly-qualified candidates.

Payroll services.

We can put your employees on our payroll. As the employer of record, we’re responsible for benefits, taxes, paychecks and many other details.

Special project management or other staffing needs.

Call us at 253.277.4000.

Why All StarZ?

  • Competitive rates? You bet!
  • Employment verification? E-Verify and prescreening!
  • Right skills match? Comprehensive testing!
  • Attendance management? On it!
  • Time management? Internet-based time clocks!
  • Focus on safety? Safety training programs!
  • Guaranteed? Everything we do!


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