Facing Staffing Challenges As We Emerge From Covid19 Shutdown

Facing Staffing Challenges as we Emerge from Covid19 Shutdown

by Tyler Crass

June 23, 2020

I saw the following question about staffing challenges due to the pandemic posted on Alignable this morning and felt passionate about answering:

Q: How has the pandemic changed your thoughts about hiring? Will you hire more part-time employees or offer flextime? Many businesses are considering hiring more part-time employees instead of full-time ones and offering flextime as a benefit. What’s changing about hiring for your business? 

A: I have seen recessions come and go, and ​​spikes and drops in employment. My experience has provided broad and varied insight into employment analytics from large enterprises to small businesses. I believe the best way to get through the unique challenges posed by the pandemic is to build smart staffing relationships.

Staffing Challenges bar Graph

Evaluating Business Needs & Staffing Challenges

Businesses should evaluate their current needs, including new challenges caused by the pandemic. They should then partner with a capable staffing company that can offer a sustainable pipeline of qualified individuals to fit their business needs. Moreover, companies should consider a staffing partner who can create a custom strategy to address their individual concerns. Look for solutions that use the workforce effectively to minimize costs.


Ultimately, a strong partnership will allow business owners to continue moving their company in the right direction through the pandemic. In addition, that partnership can keep companies from becoming absorbed by the “hiring business.” Recruiting from ground zero can be a time consuming and expensive process. By contrast, partnering with a staffing company can save both time and money. Additionally, staffing companies can provide a host of flexible staffing options to meet a variety of business needs. Local staffing companies are arguably in the best position to offer creative solutions tailored to a company’s specific challenges.

Custom Solutions for New Staffing Challenges

Innovative Solutions

Staffing companies can offer custom solutions to meet new and unusual challenges caused by the pandemic. For example, at All StarZ Staffing we  partner with our clients to offer managed services. This model is a great option for companies struggling with variable costs. As we reopen many companies are finding they need to perform the same work on a tighter budget. As a result we work closely with these clients to provide custom solutions to meet their individual needs. We create custom fixed pricing options based on time studies at their location. Our team takes full control of the project to ensure it’s done on time, done right, and always on budget.

Avoid Panic in the Workpalce

Partnering with a staffing company is a great way to tackle staffing ups and downs. It can also provide peace of mind for current full-time and part-time employees. They won’t feel unnecessary competition to keep their jobs if there is a dip in staffing needs. This is of particular concern right now as depression and anxiety are on the rise as the result of the pandemic. Instead employees will know the company can scale back temporary staffing while their jobs are secure. Companies can therefore avoid unnecessary panic in the workplace.

I always say “I look forward to learning more about the make-up of our industry and embracing the challenges that it holds within it!” We look forward to helping our existing and new clients face new challenges as we make our way through the pandemic.

Tyler is our COO and has been in staffing for over 10 years. He has been recruiting since 2007.

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